A Lil’ Bitz of Me

About Me:

This is actually one of my first blog that i had ever done. It took me a long time to decide if i’m going to publish all my write ups, and poems i made like ages ago. One reason is that, i don’t know where to publish it… And I wasn’t sure which blog site to use. Then one day, since i love to read blogs online, I stumbled upon this site: wordpress.com, so i decided to sign up and start my own. Since my mind won’t stop talking, I better find something to engage my mind into and let it speak, or i might get really crazy here!

The reason why i called it Bitz and Pieces it’s because , most of my posts are bits and pieces of my life. Things i went through ever since I started to felt love, pain, pressure with friends, family and work and most especially Life’s lesson, that I myself experienced.

So enjoy my site. “Live, Love, Let go…”



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