Insanity or True?!

This is a story of some of my most memorable ghost encounters. I know we all have our own BEST scary stories to share, and i have a lot of them.

Leviticus 19:31 – Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I [am] the LORD your God.”

Most people say it’s insanity. Some would even say that ghost do exist and that they are the spirits of dead people whom you know and people who died with unfinished business etc… but the way I see it, dead people, are dead.

For me, I believe, the reason why all these encounters happens to me is the lack of faith. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God, heaven and hell. However, like in one of the article I read, says that : To have faith (true faith) is to trust, and trust gives certainty, and certainty is tied to knowledge, and knowledge leads to truth! [Article Source:]. And I lack KNOWLEDGE and action.

However, I also believe that they are bad spirits just trying to lead you into confusion and make you scared. ” Just my opinion. Well, we all have our own opinions right?!

Anyways, here’s just some of my ghost encounters … I’ll be writing more about it, probably one of these days. So Enjoy!

First time I ever saw a ghost.
Back when I was about to graduate from Highschool, me and my parents were having dinner at home and we were watching the news “Magandang Gabi Bayan” [TV News Channel in the Philippines]. After eating, of course my usual chore is to wash the dishes. But, I felt like I wanna use the bathroom first, so I stood up, but, I think something had caught my attention that time , so I tried to watch the news for awhile, and it was Corina Sanchez  talking.

When the commercial break came along, I decided to proceed with my business in the bathroom but even before I walk towards it, as I face the door of MY ROOM, because beside my door is the restroom, there, sitting a MAN, smiling at me, bald head, transparent, and a bit chubby. I was shocked! I let out a LITTLE scream, for I remembered my father was still eating [mind you guys, he does not like screaming in the house that much], so I managed to tone down my expression, I was stunned and I am trying my very best not to look like a fool and face my parents dumbfounded.

My mom then asked me, “why? What’s wrong!?”, then my father was just staring at me, as if about to get mad [for screaming], and he does not like hearing “I saw a ghost”, that will irritate him so much, and I don’t want to ruin his dinner. So I just answered my mom that “I saw a COCKROACH Going inside the bathroom [And they know that I have a “GREAT FEAR” for a cockroach]. I’ll just go ahead and wash the dishes first ma!”  [Very lame excuse! I know! Hehe!!] and I was shaking, so I tried to breath and pray. After few minutes, I feel like I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I run to the bathroom, regardless if the man is still there or not! Ampf!

First time I ever caught a GHOST in my camera
First time I had a digital camera. Me and my friends are so fond of taking pictures, and I took it outside our house, and the weather as I remember, it was very humid, the hue of the environment is a bit orangey, and it was almost twilight. It was actually the month of April, during the Holy Week, Black Saturday to be exact. So I decided to played a trick with my friends, I asked them “what if I can snap a picture of a ghost with my camera today?!” and I remembered my friend told me NOT TO DO IT!! but because of my mischievousness, I didn’t listen to her, hence, I took pictures in every corner but I didn’t get anything, and I was disappointed.

Until, I decided to take a picture of a HOUSE on the other street, where in it was one of the big houses on the other side, so the windows of its second floor that is facing our direction is very much interesting to look at, not that I’m expecting in seeing something FUNNIER! Just kidding. There were no one in the house that day, almost dark, and the window has no curtains so you can see the walls of the room inside.

And because of this, I told my friend, “Maybe I should take a picture of that window, I might get something”… My friend almost walked out on me when I told her my idea, she was really scared, but I just stopped her from going home. So, I clicked on the shutter, right after doing that I felt very strangely excited. I tried to review the image…. And as they say, “BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR, ’cause you might just get it”. And indeed, I got what I was looking for. All my hair stood up with what I saw! A lady standing at the window staring directly into my camera or should I say at me! And thinking about it now, makes me feel scared. Then I zoom in the picture, I was surprised to see, that it wasn’t just the lady who is looking in the window, there were a lot of them! A family. So I tried to call my friend’s attention, but she thought I was just fooling around, but when she saw it, we both just wanted to go home.

I showed the picture to my mother and tried to show it my father as well, but my father is not buying it, because he does not believe in Ghost specially White Ladies. Giving me explanations on what might cause it, telling me Bible verses about dead people, spirits and souls. Well, that’s my dad, but I know, he’s just doing this so I won’t be scared as well. Anyways, after I showed them, many of neighbors wanted to see the picture which I willingly showed them and thinking about how funny that just because of that image, I became famous with my neighbors. But unfortunately, and this really frustrates me, the bad news is, I LOST the picture when my OLD computer was rebooted because it has a virus. But whether you wanna believe my story or not, it’s fine.

First time a Ghost touch… oh, no.. GRAB me!
This was just recently, uhmmm… I was actually sleeping when it happened. That night I was very sad, I am not so happy with the status of my life at that time. I remembered my father told me, “you already forget to pray”, and yes I do felt guilty about it, and to think it’s been months since the last time I prayed, and I realized, so this must be the reason why I am very sad and feeling so empty. So that evening, I PRAYED. It was very short. Then I went to sleep, and I went to sleep very fast. I remembered my dream that night, I was watching a taekwondo competition somewhere, when my teammates started to join me. I was so hooked up watching the players, laughing, cheering until I heard someone’s calling me. First the distance of the voice was very far, it was a voice from someone familiar, it was a girl’s voice, but I couldn’t figure out who she was, but even though that I am aware that she was calling me, I am too focus with what I am watching that I don’t even want to look at her, but then the voice keeps getting louder and louder, until I felt her saying “Czaza, Czaza, Czaza!” close to my EAR! And since I am still not looking at her, she GRABBED MY HAND and shook it until I woke up, and I heard the last time she mentioned my name: CZAZA! And I was already awake! I remembered the position when I woke up, it was at the top of my head [I know, it looks funny] and I still can feel the way that lady GRABBED my hand and shook it.

My heart was pounding very fast, so I decided to sit up for a while but then my head is telling me to go back to sleep, I was really tired that night and I wanted to complete an 8 hour. It was my day off and I really want to rest, my eyes are still heavy, but still managed to look at the time and it was only 12AM, and to think I started sleeping 11:00PM, oh, I was more frustrated than feeling scared this time. So what I did, and what I always do everytime I this happens, I PRAY. I pray to remain stronger and so I can go back to sleep without worries. And indeed after that, I got my 8 hour sleep, I woke up 9AM. Prayer is indeed, the most powerful weapon to any bad spirits!

James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

more Ghost stories to come…


So near, yet so far…

This write up has something to do with how I perceive things on my own perspective with the help of some of the most important people in my life right now, in finding what I really want to do for the next coming days.


thinking about it sooo d@mn hard!

Let’s go back to the time where I dreamt of having my own gym. Having my own café and the dream of travelling the world. It was the prime of my life when I dreamt of those things and fulfilling it. I was in 2nd year college when I started thinking of having my own gym one day, which was the time where I got a first taste of my own money from teaching taekwondo. It felt so cool, being a coach, especially you’re a female and you are teaching taekwondo, earning for yourself. I said to myself, I wanna be like my coaches someday. I observed, listen and applied all the things I learned from them during those times. I didn’t even let sickness get in the way. For the love of the sport I didn’t care.

But right after that year, everything had changed. I was so down about myself, I lost all the confidence I had for the past 8yrs. I was not used loosing; it was so hard to accept. That even myself I lost it. I feel like I so fail my mentors and all the trainings were useless. I felt so weak. Good thing I do have college friends who was there to help me and was there to make me happy. They all serve as my wall when I feel like falling. And when I was in third year that’s the time when I started dreaming on having my own café instead. Since I was an HRM student, why not start something relevant to my course? But that dream was short lived as well. First, I don’t have that much savings and assets to risk. Secondly, it definitely needs full time commitment and so much effort to establish that kind of business.

Then I remembered the very first day I step foot at the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS for my interview, when I was asked: “Why did you choose the course, HRM?” I remembered one of my answer was: “Because I want to travel the world.” Moving forward, I was able to travel, but not around the world, but alteast close to it, so now I realized, I already had a start in fulfilling my dreams. So WHY STOP NOW?! Not to boast but I’ve been to Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. Not bad.

I already said this to a friend of mine, that as of today, I have so many plans and I still don’t know where to start. Probably because I am anticipating things before this year ends. There were things I am unsure of and I am still observing my environment. Not sure if this is a good thing, cause to be honest, inside me, something’s telling me to start it NOW.  But my always question is, WHERE shall I start and HOW?! Ever had that moment in your life where in you reach the crossroads and you don’t know where to go? So you stop, looked around and you notice that all the roads are leading to your dreams and you want to take those entire journey at the same time? But unfortunately you can’t, because you only need to choose one.

I just had a discussion with my father today, and I told him everything, and even my coach said the same thing. “Start small. One at a time Cza, one at a time! Because, you can always go back and start with the others when everything is already said and done. Once you already established one dream, move on to the next” Prioritize only one for now.  Like my favorite number: ONE! Now I know the significance of my fascination with that number. To remind me to focus on ONE, and multitask to finish the plan and put it into action. I know how creative I can be and I know what kind of perfectionist I am. I just need to establish something first and then I will make my move.