Sweet Notings

I am thinking and widely awake
while i dream of you, lying down beside me.
And as i go to sleep, pictures of you
are scattered in my mind!

I dream of you hugging me tightly,
kissing my forehead, while I,
on the other hand, listen to your breathing,
and hear your heartbeat thumping.

I do wish everynight, that you are beside me.
But though we’re apart,
Please always keep me in your heart,
and in your mind, for I will always do.

Let’s be Strong for each other,
Faith, Love and Prayers…
No matter what, everything will be Okay,
Just hang on, and I’ll always STICK AROUND.

Let’s work together,
that may all challenges that may come upon us,
will be conquered, That our journey together,
will be full of LOVE, kindness and happiness.

Let’s take care of each other,
And be supportive as we can be…
Keep achieving our goals
fighting for each other and loving one another.

I love you and I miss you dearly…