Mouth Sore

Ever had that stingy sensation inside your mouth? That oh, so painful white blisters that even a single bite of your favorite dessert makes you wanna jump out of the window and scream??? I most of the time have them. Mouth Sores, Canker Sores, Ulcers or in tagalog: Singaw. It sometimes comes in not just one, two or three… but instead, sometimes, it comes in more than you can imagine! And it’s like having angry bees inside you mouth, whenever you try to laugh, talk, smile and worst EAT! Some can even have a fever just because of these sores! like my mom. But luckily for me, right now, i have 8 of them and not getting feverish.

From one of the article that i read from the past, [yes, i researched about this, for the reason that i wanna know why i have them so often, though i always follow what my dentist told me to do, brush atleast 2x a day, gargle with bactidol, put Daktarin atleast every 4 hours, etc… but it still not working, for if one heals, another one will come out! shoot me!]Mouth sores, are not, contagious though and it is somehow from the food that you eat. Maybe my mouth is sensitive to some foods, like fried, crispies, or to anything hard and fishy [And i love fish!]. And what i’m trying to understand here is that, as far as i know, i have no allergy on any kinds of food ever! Or is it just because of the intense heat that my country [Philippines] is experiencing right now.

My dentist also told me that this is also heredetary, so maybe i got it from my mom. And she also said, that when i eat fried foods and fishy foods, it might be scratching the linings of my mouth and tongue. So i also told her, that i noticed that this happens specially when i am about to have my period. Like 1 week before it. So imagine you [girls] PMS-ing with sores allover your mouth, plus the heat of the weather! And once you have your period, and you still have them on your mouth, it is really a killer, because, being unable to eat will trigger your dysmenorrhea. Arrrhggghhhh! The perks of being a woman. [don’t get me wrong i love being a lady, but this is really a punishment! haha!] And i did experience these, and i do feel like i wanna kill someone or something, if anyone tries to bother me [ Excuse my expression. Smiley :p ].

DEBACTEROL VIALI am also an acidic person and it is about to become ulcer already. So, that means i can’t take anything that has Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen meds, like Alaxan, a pain reliever or muscle relaxant. [Great!] So my dentist gave me Paracetamol, adviced me to continue using bactidol as mouthwash and then she recommended the craziest ointment ever! DEBACTEROL! Too bad, for they are not selling it in the Philippines anymore. Hehe! For the reason in which i am still trying to know. Well about this ointment, first, it is awfully painful! like seriously! Painful to the point that you will lose your self after putting it on the affected area. But after one drop, it’s like magic! viola! after 5mins, it is healed. But the whitish blistering color is still there, but the pain will be gone. Second thing about Debacterol is that it is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE! It comes in a very very small container (750php) and it also comes in one cotton bud like tube. It does have cotton bud tips, one end is a dry cotton bud and on the other side, you’ll have to break it to let the ointment pass through the cotton tip. And it is (250php) and you can only use it once. And did i mention, expensive?Debacterol

This ointment is really effective, and if you really want to eat that lasagna and enjoy all other foods in the party, better use Debacterol. Aside from that, since i still failed to look for this ointment for the past couple of months now, i am using a CANKER MOUTH SORE SOLUTION that you buy from Generics Pharmacy. and it is as effective and as painful as debacterol. However this one is a much much more cheaper than the other one. It is only 45php. If you want less pain though, you might wanna buy, DAKTARIN or DEQUADIN with Kamilosan Spray. It can help relieve pain with less pain. It can also ease the healing process. But not as fast as Debacterol and the canker mouth sore solution.

Canker Mouth Sore Solution and Kamilosan Spray

– Don’t know if it’s alright to post something about this, however, i’m gonna share it anyway. It’s a bit sensitive for others though. But at the same time it is still health related. Feel free to post you comments, suggestions and opinions! Thanks!