The perks of being a Sales

So the perks of being a sales person… U get to go to places, meet and KNOW people, and the best part, sometimes they will even give you freebies! [wether food or GCs, it’s so gratifying!]

Today was like nothing compare to the other visits i made this past month. I felt like a warrior child going out in the wild for the first time. Feeling, a lil’ bit anxious, but still eager to do and accomplish the task.

One of my favorite places in Manila is Quezon Ave. Why? Simply because it has so much entertainment! Clubs, Comedy Bars, Restos, media and all that glitters!

Anyways, i would just like to share my experience today [05/14/13 – now this looks like a diary, ahaha! Whatever!], visiting Q.AVE gave me the opportunity to visit UP DILIMAN. And I had never, ever, set foot in the University before. Though my father often times passed by the area whenever we try to visit one of our relatives along QC, and telling me stories about the place and how he used to live near the campus during his youth, it is still different from being able to walk around UP! I always wondered how it looks like. And I owe it all to my Job!!! [Bravo!!!]

UP Diliman

University of the Philippines – Diliman

Well, I had been to UP Los Baños and UP Manila, but never been to UP Diliman. I went to “Bahay ng Alumni” to visit one of the Travel Agencies who use to book with us [Happy Travel & Tours Corp.]. Discussed regarding hotel booking and our online B2B system. And i swear, i wanted to take pictures, but I felt so embarrased. hahaha! Well, maybe next time.

But actually one of my frustration is to be able to join any UNIVERSITY TOUR within Manila. Like going to Ateneo, La Salles, UP, Lyceum and even though this is my alma mater UST, i still wanna go back! Heard that the new gym is already done with the construction, and last time I’ve been there… it was still partially polished.

I don’t know why, but not all people get the chance to go from one University to another. U get to experience and discover the history of education in the Philippines. And History is one of my favorite subject!!!