My Bucket List of Love

My Bucket List of Love

1. Bring him home to your parents and tell them: “He’s my boyfriend”.
2. Bring him home, and tell your parents: “he’s gonna sleep over.” [Grin] haha!
3. Eat his unusual [for you] favorite street food.
4. Date without spending too much money. [walking by the bay, window shopping, eating at carinderia’s]
5. Movie date – without a single centavo spent! [just watch a movie together at home]
6. Spending time together, laughing, insulting each other, just like a brother and a sister would do, and sharing your never ending life stories.
7. Take him with you, to your family gatherings, dinners and visits. Well, of course with permission from your father. [let’s say your father is really a traditional type, like mine, so good luck with that! But for me, i just waited for the right time… right time that he asked me to have him join the party! haha!]
8. Meet his parents & siblings. [ready or not here i am! (My armpits are sweating! gulp!)]
9. Add them on facebook =).
10. Your or His Mother telling you/him, how naughty you are/he is, as a little kid. [This is the most exciting part for me!]
11. Date with his sister. [Bond together, and 100% sure, you’ll know more about his past! haha! well, only if you are interested! just a simple reminder, anything you know about his past, specially if it is on the bad side, JUST LEAVE IT IN THE PAST! it’s not like, his doing that to you now… if he does, maybe, it’s time to think about your relationship with him].
12. Go on in a family outing together, whether his or yours. This is the coolest way to spend time together! And I promise, this will be your happiest moment ever! and so does a lot of things to come… ha! ha!
13. Fight over something silly. [Hi!Hi! guilty as charge!]
14. Be each other’s number 1 fan!
15. Be a good influence! Help each other to be the best, always.
16. lessen your expectations, to avoid further misunderstandings.
17. Shoulda, woulda, coulda: No! Na-Ah! Just enjoy and live in the present, be contented with what is now and not what should have or could have been.
19. Lower down your ego.
20. Celebrate Monthsary. No not the expensive way… exchanging special notes, simple greetings, and if you have money, but it’s not mandatory, buy a gift. πŸ™‚
21. Celebrate Anniversaries. Nothing is more special than reaching your first year together and then more anniversaries, but of course, just right ahead, be ready for real challenge.
22. Dance, sing and travel together. Nothing is sweeter than doing your hobbies together and being able to do the things you love most.
24. Meet the Parents. I mean, both parents will meet and both of you needs to be there too, and witness the clash of the titans, LIVE! just kidding! Haha! Yikes! AWKWARD! [yeah i know, but it will all be worth it somehow…not all families are hard to blend in… And I haven’t done this though, but in God’s time… it will happen.]
25. And Lastly, Always say I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU. It never get’s old. [for me, kinikilig pa din ako, whenever i hear him say these words].

2013 – 2014 and still inlove and happy! πŸ™‚


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