May 27, 2013 – It must be because it’s my birthday?! OR, I was just really unlucky?!

So today is my birthday, i was excited to go to work, and open my FB… but then….

As I was on my way to work this morning, and as i was riding a jeepeney along Pedro Gil, a man hopped on with his rag, crawling his way while wiping everyone’s feet, including mine. And after doing so, he opened his right hand and asked for alms.

It's more fun in the Philippines

My ride going to my work – not exactly, but this is the kind of jeepney i rode this morning!

When nobody gave him anything, and as i saw their faces, and everyone’s reaction, like as if, he is a criminal or something, i was observing the man, and i can definitely see that he is really disappointed & pissed. And i’m not gonna deny, I felt kinda threatened a lil’ bit too, and so, i grab my bag tightly, gave him a way, since he is about to go down, i was thinking that he might do something cruel to someone, by the way he move, but before he went down, he looked at me and asked for money as well.

I looked at him, and shook my head, that unfortunately I have nothing to give to him as well. And I must be the most unluckiest person in that jeepney! As the man step his way out, he STOMPED at my feet so HARD… and to my surprise, I DIDN’T FEEL ANY PAIN AT ALL! I had a VERY VERY LATE REACTION with what he did, I must stunned, by what just happened, and my intuition was then again right. He did something cruel, but it was ON ME! Probably because it is my birthday today?! How can the guy knows that?! ha! ha! “Happy 25th Cza!” Anyways, as I looked at him, thinking he might not mean to step on my foot, but when he looked back at me, that’s the only time i realized he is definitely MAD. I felt sad for him, and i didn’t feel angry at all.

So i just smiled, laughed it out inside my head, while everybody’s concerned about my feet, and i was like, “It’s nothing. Because, him, stomping on my feet is nothing compare to what kind of pain he is going through right now.” Because, come to think of it that some people must have trampled with his personality, reviled him, and stomped his ego as well.

So I do realized, at that point that, he acted based on his emotion. His hurt, no one gave importance to him, not even I, [so i probably deserve it too]. I do understand where the man is coming from, it must be very difficult for him to survive as well, because he is being judge by EVERYONE. We don’t know the story of the guy, we don’t know where he really came from… and we don’t know what happened to him.

Sino ba nmn di mababaliw sa GUTOM?! Sino din ba nmn ang hinde mag aalburoto pag gutom ka na, ala ka pang pera, tapos manghinge ka, ala pang magbibigay?! I was just thankful that he only stomped at my feet, and gave me something to think about and write about. And he made me realize that PAIN IS INEVITABLE, but it will mold you into a better person one day, and Stomping on my feet and i, feeling no pain at all just made me think that even other people may hurt me, stomp at my ego, or judge me, I will not be knocked down nor stay low! I will stand up again and do it again if i must and i will be BETTER! And i will prove you i am NOT who you think i am!

Happy 25th Birthday!

Happy 25th Birthday!


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